Partner 1
Name European Council of the Paint, Printing Inks and Artists’ Colours Industry – CEPE


Description of the Partner CEPE represents the interest of approximately 1000 member companies in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland and has 18 national association as affiliated members. CEPE brings approximately 85% of this industry together in its membership. Together this represents a value of around €17 billion. In total 100.000 people are directly employed in this industry. The people that apply the products of this industry are a multiple of this number.

Role in Project: CEPE acted as the Co-ordinator of Servowood. The CEPE MD Jan van der Meulen acted as the Chairperson of the Management Board of Servowood.

Partner 2
Name Danmarks Farve og Limindustri


Description of the Partner DFL is representing the interests of the paint industry in Denmark. DFL represents 31 members, covering over 90% of the industry.

Role in Project: DFL participated in the management board and took an active role in dissemination of the project results.

Partner 3
Name Federation of the European Building and Joinery Associations FEMIB


Description of the Partner FEMIB, the Federation of the European Building Joinery Associations represents associations of the manufacturers of the building joinery industry. FEMIB is the European voice of 8 national SME associations representing 8 EU member states.  The building joinery industry includes amongst others the producing in series of carpentry, prefabricated housing elements, shutters, stairs and interior work.

Role in project: FEMIB acted as a representative on the Management Board and advised the research activities and provide test components, field trials and to validation of results from the manufacturers’ point of view.

Partner 4
Name Cluster Construcción Sostenible


Description of the Partner The Sustainable Building Cluster of the Canary Islands (SBC) is an association of interconnected planning, building and R&D companies and freelance professionals in order to increase their competitiveness and improve their market position through the development of actions directed to sustainability.

Role in Project: CCS participated in the management board and took an active role in dissemination of the project results.

Partner 5
Name The British Coatings Federation


Description of the Partner The British Coatings Federation represents the interests of the paint, printing ink and wallcovering industry in the UK. BCF represents the interest of over 100 member companies 75% of which are SMEs.

Role in Project: BCF sat on the management board and actively worked on the dissemination of the results of the project.

Partner 6
Name The British Woodworking Federation


Description of the Partner The British Woodworking Federation is the trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry in the UK . It has over 500 members drawn from manufacturers, distributors and installers of timber doors, windows, conservatories, staircases, all forms of architectural joinery including shopfitting, timber frame buildings and engineered timber components, as well as suppliers to the industry. The total turnover of the BWF’s manufacturing membership in 2009 was approximately £450 million.
Role in Project: BWF supported the experimental work, participated in the validation work and was involved in the dissemination of the project results.
Partner 7
Name George Barnsdale & Sons Ltd


Description of the Partner George Barnsdale and Sons Ltd employ 43 members of staff and have been making premium quality timber windows and doors since 1884. Every window and door is designed, engineered and hand finished in the UK.

Role in Project: GBS participated in the management board and took an active role in dissemination of the project results.

Partner 8
Name Drywood Coatings B.V


Description of the Partner Tecnos Drywood Coatings B.V. is a quality paint supplier for professional companies in the woodworking and joinery industry. The company in the Netherlands (with 35 employees) has a wide European customer base and has a particular interest in innovative new products that can support its business growth and development.
Role in Project: advised and steered the R&D work packages, supported the validation and assessment of the models that were developed as part of the project and helped with the dissemination tasks including the preparation of the draft standards documents.
Partner 9
Name Pausch Messtechnik GmbH


Description of the Partner Pausch Messtechnik GmbH. Active in the field of Environmental Testing and Surface measurement. More specific in weathering and light fastness testing, and offering instrumentation and service for this.

Role in Project: provided expertise to run the weathering instruments during the project.

Partner 10
Name Overfladeteknik Maleteknisk Rådgivning ApS


Description of the Partner Coating Consultancy Copenhagen, CCC, is a small, privately owned, independent consultancy company. CCC specialises in the performance of architectural coatings and coatings on wood, particularly their properties, application and behaviour, by undertaking specification, inspection and trouble-shooting activities.

In addition, CCC is supportive of international standardisation work.
Role in Project: CCC provided guidance to the project work and advice and support on the inspection of existing buildings. CCC also was instrumental drafting of Technical Reports and other Standards documents for EN 927.

Partner 11
Name Institut Technologique FCBA


Description of the Partner FCBA is the French technological institute for Forestry, Cellulose, Construction Timber and Furniture. It promotes technical progress and contributes to improved output, as well as guaranteeing high quality in the industry, by encouraging a comprehensive approach and emphasizing areas of synergy in the trade. FCBA puts its know-how, expertise and its skills, at the service of trade professionals, as part of various collective schemes, in terms of innovation and research, management and dissemination of scientific and technical information.

Role in project: FCBA offered its long expertise in natural and artificial weathering tests for wood products, wood coatings and wood preservatives including tests and knowledge. It brought its experience of service life prediction coming especially from several research projects.

Partner 12
Name Holzforschung Austria


Description of the Partner Holzforschung Austria (HFA) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Austrian Society for Wood Research founded in 1948. It is the largest research and testing institute for wood in Austria. From a technical point of view it is the only institute which addresses the entire value chain – beginning from the storing of wood in the forest, wood processing to the different products. Bordering disciplines such as surface coatings, wood preservatives and adhesives are also within its scope. Research activities are practice-oriented. Wood coatings, wood preservation and service life estimation are major topics of the institute´s research work.

Role in Project: The facilities of Holzforschung Austria in Vienna comprise laboratories for testing of wood coatings and wood preservatives as well as different types of artificial weathering devices and a test field for natural weathering exposure with data loggers for climate data and wood moisture content.

Partner 13
Name PRA


Description of the Partner PRA, UK is an independent research organisation for the coatings industry, with particular expertise in the areas of: coatings for exterior wood, metal and plastics, as well as radiation curing coatings and printing technologies.

Role in the project: scoping the project, preparation of the coatings and the wood panels. The natural weathering and the artificial weathering. PRA was an active partner in the project until April 2016.

Partner 14
Name CATAS S.p.A.


Description of the Partner CATAS in San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine) is the leading Italian institute for applied research for the wood and furniture industry. CATAS’ team of 40 experts, including chemists, engineers and mathematicians, makes CATAS a knowledge centre able to provide its clients with exceptional integrated services. The Technological and Chemical Departments both carry out a wide range of tests and research on raw materials and end products.

Role in project: CATAS offered its long expertise in coating degradation behaviour and the chemical and physical parameters that are causing degradation.

Partner 15
Name Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology – EMPA


Description of the Partner EMPA, is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development within the ETH Domain (Swiss Institute of Technology) with about 950 members of staff. The Wood Laboratory of EMPA combines scientific and engineering methods to develop new knowledge and innovative concepts for an optimised performance of structural timber, engineered wood products and wood based composites.  For many years, the weathering durability of wooden structures under outdoor exposure has been a particular important work item for the involved research group ‘Wood Technology/Surface Technology’ (Arnold 2003).

Role in project: EMPA offered its long expertise in coating degradation behaviour and the processing of weathering data into the Service Life Predictor.